Lucky Stryke Kennel     

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Application for Lucky Stryke Kennel ~ HAVANESE Puppy

The following information is intended to help in the selection of a puppy for your household.

All information remains confidential.

Your Name:




How did you hear about Lucky Stryke Kennel?

Why are you interested in obtaining a Lucky Stryke Havanese?

Companion? Show? Obedience? Agility? 

Breeding? Other?

Are you interested in a:

Male ______ Female ______ No Preference

What qualities do you like in a Havanese?

Is this your first Havanese?

Have you owned a dog before?

How long?

What is your lifestyle & will the dog be included?

What animals do you presently own?

If you have other dogs what are their sexes?

Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime?

Are you willing to Spay / Neuter this dog?

 If not, please explain:

Have you ever had to euthanize (put to sleep) a dog?

 If so, why?

How do you plan to exercise the dog?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Are you willing to attend puppy or obedience classes?

If not, why?

Where will the dog relieve itself?

Where will the dog stay during the day?

At night?


Married ______ Single _______

Divorced _____ Widowed ______

Your Age:

under 20 ______ 20-30­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________

30-50 ______ 50-70 ______ Over 70?______

Children living at home?:  How many? ____________ ages?______________

What hours do the adults in your household work?

Provide at least three references, including the veterinarian used for the last dog you owned (if applicable):




Thank you for your interest in Lucky Stryke Kennel. Please list any expectations you may have for this new addition and any other information you wish us to consider before placing a puppy with you: